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Our Services

Our Services include

Hearing Screening: This is a limited pure-tone assessment designed to identify whether a problem requiring further testing exists.

Complete Diagnostic Audiological Evaluation (CAE): this determines hearing sensitivity i.e. the measurement of the degree and type of hearing loss. e.g. . Mild, moderate, severe, and profound hearing loss, conductive, sensory neural and mixed hearing loss.

Auditory Brainstem Evoked Response (ABR): This procedure provides information regarding auditory function to rule out retrocohlear pathology. i.e. to determine any dysfunction developing, in the neural structure of the auditory nerve beyond the cochlea.

Otoacoustic Emission Evaluation (OAE): This procedure evaluates the sound generated by energy produced by the outer hair cells in the cochlea and detected with a microphone placed within the external ear canal. It is used to determine cochlear status.

Tympanometry: This test analyzes the middle ear function. i.e. a clinical procedure that involves measurement of acoustic in the tympanic membrane.

Electronystagmography (ENG): Is a method of measuring eye movements, especially nystagmus, via electro-oculography, to assess the integrity of the vestibular mechanism.

Central Auditory Processing Evaluation: This is evaluation of the central auditory nervous system. It includes sound localization (difficulty understanding speech in noisy environment), lateralization, binaural process, speech perception from one or both sides of the ear.

Hearing Aid Evaluation, Selection, Fitting and ear mold making: This is the process of choosing suitable hearing aid amplification for individual based on measurement of acoustic (sound & perception) properties of amplification and making of customized ear mold to fit particular patient.

Electro – Acoustic of Hearing Aids: This involves the electronic measurement of the acoustic output of a hearing aid.

Hearing Aid Repairs and Service: We under take repairs and services of hearing aids, in order to ensure proper functioning of the instrument, for the maximum benefit of the patient.

Hearing Aid Battery Supplies and Accessories: We supply the approved batteries for maximum output of the hearing aid and other accessories like haggiest to prevent hearing aid loss and Mira cell for ceriman or wax management etc.

Hearing Conservation Program: This is done for occupational safety and health program designed to ascertain the nature and extent of hazardous noise exposure, monitor the effect of exposure on hearing and provide abatement of sound and hearing protection devices e .g . ear plugs and ear muffs etc.

Audiologic Counseling: This is done based on the procedural findings i.e. evidence based result, to facilitate patient's recovery from or adjustment to a communication disorder etc. It also provides information on problem solving strategy to enhance the (re)habilitation process.

Tinnitus Evaluation: It is the assessment and management of sensation, ringing and other sound in the head , without external causes.

Assistive Listening Device: these are electronic devices designed to assist hearing impaired to stay informed and enjoy better communication. These devices are used in homes, bigger venues such as churches, schools, meeting hells, community centers, theaters and other places where poor acoustic can make communication difficult.

Aural Rehabilitation: This the treatment of person(s) with loss of speech as a result of hearing impairment, to improve the efficacy of overall communication ability, including the use of hearing aid, auditory training, speech reading, counseling and guidance.

Aural Habilitation: This is the treatment of person(s) with congenital hearing impairment i.e. person who never acquired speech, to improve the efficacy of overall aural communication, including the use of hearing aid etc.